There are currently two trials that have been approved by the Commonwealth Department of Industry Innovation and Science and facilitated by CSIRO for their funding which will be conducted by Monash University in conjunction with the Alfred hospital in Melbourne.
The first study will be with Parkinson’s patients and the second scheduled study will be with balance impaired patients.
These studies should provide data supporting the efficacy of our devices in the management of Parkinson's, the problems associated with balance impairment and prevention of falls.
This data will be useful when using the medical device in a clinical setting with at-risk individuals.
If the device achieves an evidence base and is available to clinicians the researchers presently engaged have suggested that the REVIVER will have a wide uptake and could be routinely used especially for those at risk of the diseases studied.

This is part of a trial by Neuroscience researcher Dr Ben Sinclair to test how a device that tilts people and rotates them through the gravitational field can strengthen muscles with minimal conscious effort, and significantly help people with neuromuscular degenerative conditions such as Parkinson's Disease.
It's generally accepted that the REVIVER system stimulates remaining reflex pathways, providing better muscle tone and balance. So Dr Sinclair is conducting a trial to formally assess the efficacy in patients with Parkinson's Disease.
15 patients will undergo a three month exercise regime on the REVIVER, and their Parkinson's symptoms assessed before and after the intervention, along with electronic measures of their gait and balance, and eye-tracking measures to assess the brains motor pathways.
The studies should provide data supporting the efficacy of our devices and programs in the management of Parkinson's, and the problems associated with balance impairment and the prevention of falls in people with Parkinson's. 
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