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Isodynamics REVIVER

Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Therapy

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Isodynamics REVIVER Therapy helps provide relief to a wide range of neuromuscular conditions using a unique rehabilitation medical device designed to exercise, tone and condition the entire body in order to prevent, reduce or slow the progress of disability and disease.  

REVIVER's unique relaxed style of therapy helps relieve symptoms of neurological disorders including Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Stroke and other neuromuscular conditions.

Isodynamics REVIVER Therapy is underpinned by a unique motion device. This device is designed to efficiently activate the natural conditioning and healing reactions that occur in the body when tilted against gravity, and moved in slow, radial wavelike motion. This radial  motion stimulates reflexive muscle reactions and beneficial gravitational epigenetic responses across multiple organs and tissues.

The Isodynamics REVIVER device and associated therapy have been designed to produce beneficial results for a wide range of people and conditions.


These benefits have already been observed in the 26,000+ patient therapy sessions conducted so far at the Isodynamics REVIVER Rehabilitation Clinic in Sydney, Australia over the past four years.  

Exceptional outcomes have been reported by clients with a wide range of neurodegenerative impairments, including: 

  • relief of pain and disability

  • return of mental and physical faculties

  • increased strength, balance and mobility 

  • improved quality of life and wellbeing.​

Australia's Monash University and Alfred Hospital are currently undertaking ongoing clinical trials for patients with Parkinson's and Atypical Parkinson's. These trials are supported by the Australian Government's Innovation Connection's program, which is delivered nationally by CSIRO. 

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Our Story

I first noticed that my mum at the age of 86, was having great difficulty with her short-term memory and being able to walk without pain. I believed exercise was the obvious solution.

The question was: 
How do you help a person exercise when they can't move without pain?

Have a machine do the moving for them. 

This allows people of all ages and disabilities to receive the full medicinal benefits of exercise.

Since first using her REVIVER and now at the age of 91, my mum maintains her 3 to 4-minute daily exercise routine on the device. She continues to improve her memory and ability to walk distance without pain, while maintaining her happy disposition.

After four years of witnessing the rapid relief that REVIVER provides, my mission is to build a global team to make REVIVER affordable and accessible to people that need it most.

Geoffrey Redmond

Inventor and Founder

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Mrs Redmond at 91 years of age 2021

Introducing REVIVER - Pain Free Exercise for all Ages
Isodynamics REVIVER

Introducing REVIVER - Pain Free Exercise for all Ages

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Patient Outcomes

After using the Isodynamics REVIVER device, many patients with differing physical and neurological impairments to improve or regain their ability to:


- smile, speak,  taste, smell

- swim, clap hands, write
- unfreeze restricted motions

- move independently

- walk and walk backwards. 

Many have also experienced reduced anxiety and pain throughout their body, often at times within minutes of using the Isodynamics REVIVER device.

Scientific research and clinical trials to better understand and validate these results from the Isodynamics REVIVER clinic in Sydney are already underway.

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Feel Stronger Live Longer

Isodynamics REVIVER

Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Clinic

Sydney Australia

The Isodynamics REVIVER clinic in Sydney's south provides the unique REVIVER Therapy using a selection of REVIVER devices for patients, even if they are only capable of laying, sitting or standing.

The REVIVER device reduces the amount of effort required to obtain the benefits of exercise, by using the body's balancing system and gravity to stimulate the nervous system and activate abilities that may have become dormant, improving strength, balance and mobility,

The REVIVER is designed to achieve these benefits for a wide range of people across all ages, abilities and disabilities, with a minimum amount of time and effort, in a safe, user-friendly manner.


The REVIVER allows those that are impaired to receive the benefits of exercise, that they have previously not been able to receive.