REVIVER is the GOLD STANDARD Exercise Machine for PARKINSON'S DISEASE and other neuromuscular conditions.

REVIVER is being studied in a trial at Monash University overseen by Terry O’Brien, a neurologist, and led by Ben Sinclair, a brain imaging expert, to understand how it improves balance, mobility and sensory-motor coordination in people with moderate to advanced Parkinson’s disease and atypical Parkinsonism.

Isodynamics reports early evidence that REVIVER'S use can improve mobility and lessen Parkinson’s symptoms, with patients demonstrating a 22% increase in mobility, as seen by quicker “up and go” test times over an average of 26 days. This test measures the time it takes for a person to rise from a chair, walk three meters (about 10 feet), turn around and return, then sit down again.

Enrolled patients will be split into two groups, based on their diagnoses. One group will undertake the REVIVER exercise regime on top of their standard of care, and the second (a control group) will continue with standard care and not using the REVIVER.

Those interested in participating or receiving more information about the trial can call Isodynamics at +612 9524 2188 or click below to read more and complete the form.

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Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Clinic

Geoffrey Redmond became alarmed as the health of his 86 year old mother rapidly deteriorated. He was highly motivated to help her recover her health and well-being, and knew exercise to be a vital element in preserving health and wellbeing.
He wanted her to again have the miraculous benefits of exercise, and turned his mind to how he could deliver those benefits to people who no longer could participate in regular exercise. This led Mr Redmond to create the world's first prototype of the Isodynamics REVIVER.The REVIVER allows people to receive all the known benefits of exercise in a low-impact pain-free way.
REVIVER provides a gentle exercise regime that helps muscles naturally benefit from the effects of gravity, by stimulating and activating the body's entire neural and muscular systems. Isodynamics has observed remarkable outcomes, including improving mental and physical strength, balance and mobility, and generally improving everyday lives.
Three years on, the REVIVER has evolved, and now people with all types of disabilities and chronic disease are able to receive the miraculous benefits of exercise without impact or pain. Our Caringbah clinic showcases manual and electric REVIVER machines, and REVIVER is also being clinically trialled at Monash University in Victoria for sufferers of Parkinson's disease.
To date the below anecdotal video testimonials show the results we consider to be remarkable.
Exercise is known to be beneficial to almost every body system including the immune system, cardio vascular system, neurological system and of course muscular and skeletal system.
Isodynamics REVIVER helps improve Strength, Balance and Mobility by naturally using the body's balancing system to exercise and condition the entire body - with the least amount of time and effort.
Listed below are some of the conditions that benefit from exercise: 


Balance Impairment

Brain Injury

Cerebral Palsy

Chronic Pain




Motor Neuron Disease

Multiple Sclerosis

Muscular Dysotrophy

Quadriplegic Conditions

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Spinal Injury


At our Isodynamics REVIVER Clinic in Caringbah, we are working to improve the lives of people with these conditions and more.
Call +61 2 9524 2188 or complete the enquiry form here.

New innovative Australian-based solution for all types of neuromuscular conditions 

REVIVER therapy uses one of three devices and an exercise physiologist accompanied program to uniquely and effortlessly tone, strengthen and heal the body without the impact or stress of traditional exercise. Instead, it gently tilts and moves patients in a therapeutic manner to create safe resistance and automatically activate the brain, thus reviving previously dormant neural pathways and movement.
Our clinic in Sydney, Australia has seen remarkable physical and mental benefits for patients with a wide range of conditions.
Scroll down to see videos of the incredible outcomes our patients are experiencing.
The Isodynamics REVIVER is now a patented solution and the devices themselves are listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods as a Class 1 Medical Device.

Provides relief across a range of neuromuscular conditions

We see the anecdotal evidence, that REVIVER is providing physical and mental benefits, across a wide range of neuromuscular conditions.

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See How The REVIVER Works

The News Room

Watch this news item to see how REVIVER helped a spinal injury and stroke patient

The Isodynamics REVIVER Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Clinic offers qualified Exercise Physiologists treating patients with the unique, patented REVIVER technology to reduce the effects of neuromuscular conditions.

10 News calls it a Life Changer

Channel 10 in Australia profiled patients using the REVIVER system including a patient with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) who went from 3 years using a walker to 100% unaided walking in just weeks on REVIVER.

A Change You Must See

See International Business man, Peter J Daniels, tell of his life-changing experience with the Isodynamics REVIVER

Parkinson's disease patient Peter J Daniels talks of the reduction of his disease symptoms after using the Isodynamics REVIVER device for 8 minutes a day over a period of eight weeks. The ongoing results speak for themselves.

Patient Testimonials

Watch this video to see a wide range of patient's describe their transformations.

Our patients tell you in their own words how the REVIVER system has transformed their lives or that of their loved ones. You'll hear from people with all types of conditions from Parkinson's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis to Chronic Pain, Rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritis and more.

Watch Angela perform this international stand-up-and-go test. You can see a vast difference between the 1st and 6th session of REVIVER therapy. Sessions take about 30 minutes and the results are evident.

Watch Darrel with Parkinson's Disease perform this international stand-up-and-go test. You can see a significant difference in his strength, balance and mobility between the 1st and 6th session of REVIVER therapy.

Sessions take about 30 minutes and the results are making a positive change to people's lives.

Calling Parkinson's Patients

Monash University are looking for people with Parkinson's in Melbourne to join a clinical trial at the Alfred Centre at Monash University.

Click here or contact our consulting team on +612 9524 2188 if you are interested in participating.

Read the Science of Isodynamics REVIVER

The natural response of the body being tilted in a radial fashion to gravity causes uniform firing of the neural pathways. This creates the sending and receiving of electrical signals throughout the nervous system, which can activate segments throughout the body that may be dormant due to injury, disease or disability. This in turn improves overall health, strength, balance, mobility and wellbeing.

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Qualified Exercise Physiologists

The REVIVER system is more than just a machine. Every patient is managed by our trained and fully qualified Exercise Physiologists (EPs) one-to-one addressing each persons individual needs.

All our EPs are ESSA-accredited university qualified allied health professionals, equipped with the knowledge, skills and competence to design, deliver and evaluate safe and effective exercise interventions such as REVIVER for people with neuromuscular diseases and conditions. Our EPs at REVIVER Clinic are unique in their qualifications to utilise REVIVER therapy. 

ESSA is Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA), formerly known as the Australian Association for Exercise and Sports Science (MESS), and is the professional organisation committed to establishing, promoting and defending the career paths of tertiary trained exercise and sports science practitioners.

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REVIVER devices cater for all levels of ability

REVIVER devices are a new innovative solution for patients that need the benefits of exercise to tone and condition naturally, even if they are only capable of laying, sitting or standing in a static position due to disability.

REVIVER devices enable this without the traditional effects of impact, pain or exertion associated with exercise therapies.

Call us on +61 02 9524 2188 to arrange a visit to our pilot clinic in Sydney, Australia.

Overview of REVIVER Therapy 

Consultation Costs

The Patient’s details are taken by the Accredited Exercise Physiologist who then proposes an agreed REVIVER therapy program and cost, specific to each patient’s needs.

Payment Assistance

Consultation and REVIVER therapy is billed at industry standard rates and may be subsidised by Medicare, NDIS, Private Health Funds or the Dept of Veterans' Affairs.

Packaged Programs

Our Qualified Exercise Physiologists will develop a packaged program comprising a set of sessions for one fixed fee so you are clear on the cost and duration of the program. 

Make an Enquiry

Complete the form and our Clinic will contact you to discuss your needs.