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REVIVER is a new exercise therapy supporting people with Neuromuscular Conditions

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Our Global Vision

Our vision is to give people that have been locked out of the benefits of exercise, due to pain or disability, relief by using and giving accessibility to our new and most efficient exercise therapy device, that exercises the entire body in a single motion.

Our objective is to have the devices affordable and accessible throughout the world, through homes, clinics, hospitals, and health providers.

The Isodynamic REVIVER device and program demonstrates significant health benefits that have not previously been readily available, including: 

  • muscle-strengthening in impaired participants who would otherwise have difficulty in exercising.

  • recruiting reflex actions that stimulate areas of the body that may have become dormant.

  • acting in contrast to other types of assisted exercise by training the body's entire muscular system in a single motion.

  • providing neural stimulation via the periodic displacement of vestibular fluids of the balancing system, possibly stimulating neuroplasticity beyond that provided by existing exercise therapies.

  • creating strength, balance, mobility and well-being in a single user-friendly motion.

No other device is known to have all these attributes in a single machine or system.

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