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Background Story

Sydney inventor Mr Geoffrey Redmond first noticed that his mother at the age of 86 was having great difficulty with her short-term memory and being able to walk without pain. He considered exercise as the only solution.

The problem being: “How do you exercise a person that cannot move without pain?” The answer: “Have a machine do the moving for the person, to enable them to receive the miraculous benefits of exercise.”


Since first using her REVIVER and now at the age of 91, she continues her 3 to 4-minute daily exercise routine on the device and continues to show great improvement with her memory, ability to walk a distance without pain and maintaining her happy disposition.

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Geoffrey’s Own Testimonial

As a 60 year old I was overweight with a few health issues such as gout and joint pain, which limited my ability to be active and exercise. I use the manual REVIVER at home, once or twice a week for around 6 mins at a time.

Now at the age of 63, I am doing a lot of the things that I used to do at a much younger age, such as boxing and sprinting. REVIVER is proving that balance is a fundamental foundation of exercise and its use provides benefits that go well beyond current methods of exercise, in activating area’s of the body that have become dormant. However my biggest achievement, has been to return my mother to her happy disposition.

The REVIVER is a safe, fast and unique way to regain balance, strength and confidence. 

Isodynamics Clinic Sydney Australia

Qualified Exercise Physiologists
The REVIVER system is more than just a machine. Every patient is managed by our trained and fully qualified Exercise Physiologists (EPs) one-to-one addressing each persons individual needs.

All our EPs are ESSA-accredited university qualified allied health professionals, equipped with the knowledge, skills and competence to design, deliver and evaluate safe and effective exercise interventions such as REVIVER for people with neuromuscular diseases and conditions. Our EPs at REVIVER Clinic are unique in their qualifications to implement  REVIVER therapy.


ESSA is Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA)
Formerly known as the Australian Association for Exercise and Sports Science (MESS), and is the professional organisation committed to establishing, promoting and defending career paths of tertiary trained exercise and sports science practitioners.

REVIVER devices cater for all levels of ability
REVIVER devices are a new innovative solutions for patients that need the benefits of exercise to tone and condition naturally, even if they are only capable of laying, sitting or standing in a static position due to disability.

REVIVER devices enable this without the traditional affects of impact, pain or exertion associated wth exercise therapies.

Call us on +61 2 9524 2188 to arrange a visit to our pilot clinic in Caringbah Sydney, Australia.

Overview of REVIVER Therapy

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Consultation Costs

The Patient’s details are taken by the Accredited Exercise Physiologist who then proposes an agreed REVIVER therapy program and cost, specific to each patient’s needs.

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Contact the Clinic today should you wish to visit or book a session. or contact Geoffrey directly should you wish to enquire about purchasing a Reviver for your own clinic or home.

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Scientific Principles

Dr Benjamin Sinclair attained his PhD at the University of Queensland and has worked as a lecturer in MRI physics at the University of Queensland and as a Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne.


His major area of study and research is in the field of brain imaging. Dr Sinclair has published papers on a range of topics including supernova cosmology, space plasma physics, the heritability of brain networks and effects of physical exercise interventions on brain atrophy in elderly people.


In summary, early observations indicate that the REVIVER is extremely promising as an exercise machine and even as a therapeutic tool.

Objective measurements and follow-ups will be needed to validate its efficacy and determine in which conditions it is most effective. These trials are currently in the planning stages.

At this point, Dr Sinclair has said that with very little speculation, the REVIVER machine is particularly adept as a tool for elderly users with reduced function, as the machine assists them to perform motions beyond their current physical capabilities, and activates muscles which are rarely used in day to day activities and are thus subject to atrophy.

Rapid improvements in some users are best explained in terms of neurological, rather than muscular phenomena. The closest precedent in scientific literature is the emerging field of neuromodulation.

The REVIVER inputs a strong targeted and novel stimulus simultaneously to the user being engaged in some task, which is a hallmark of a number of more high tech neuromodulation strategies. This combination is thought to optimally stimulate neuroplasticity and strengthen the users' natural neural systems, which could explain the rapid improvements in walking and posture in some users.



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