This is the question we often get after people see the remarkable results that Isodynamic Reviver achieves for so many people.
Essentially the Reviver device tilts your body at a specific angle to gravity while moving you in a slow, radial, wave-like motion around your central pivot point in a slow and gentle manner. 
While that seems simple enough, it is our belief that this insightful process (and one that is in clinical trials now with Monash University and the CSIRO) instigates an automatic response in your brain to activate the muscles across your body, especially those that have become dormant due to age, limited use, damage or disability.
This automatic isodynamic response must fire the neural pathways in your brain that you also have potentially not used in some time, and engage the nervous system to then actively help your body resist the effect of gravity, create balance, and build muscle strength.
Now your body is effectively beginning to heal itself.
Think about it. Your body knows how to heal bones, nails, soft tissue, wounds, and emotions - when you get of the way and let it. It is our belief that it can also reverse may of the symptoms and outcomes associated with neuromuscular disease and damage when you automatically stimulate activity in parts of your brain and nervous system that otherwise may not be getting used or a blocked in some way.
Now while this may not mean complete healing of all conditions, we have seen for ourselves the hundreds of patients that have come to our clinic, received a customised treatment program, and used the machines to see absolute reversal of many debilitating symptoms and outcomes.
You can be skeptical, or you can come to the clinic and meet our fully-qualified, ESSA-certified Exercise Physiologists to see for yourself under Medicare, NDIS, Private Health funds or the Dept of Veteran Affairs.
The whole program is completed in short bursts on the machine in a natural position that reflects your particular condition and physical capability using our manual, assisted, or horizontal machine.
It is extremely gentle without the traditional effects of impact, pain or increased cardio associated with exercise therapies, and delivered by our amazing team in a caring and positive environment. 
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