You may be an NDIS Support Coordinator, Specialist Support Coordinator, Local Area Coordinator (LAC), or even a client managing your own NDIS approved plan.
Whatever your role, we're an NDIS service provider delivering highly effective and unique exercise-based solutions to help clients with neuromuscular diseases manage their symptoms so they can remain active and involved in the community and their daily life activities.
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Our Isodynamics Reviver program provides a unique and patented way to help people with neuromuscular disease and conditions alleviate their pain and discomfort, and even gain critical motion, mobility and confidence to manage their lives in a productive and enjoyable way.
We can truly help your clients
We can show you a significant amount of evidence to prove that our clients are seeing rapid and significant improvement in their strength, motion and thought processes (as you can also see from the videos across this website). It is also being clinically trialled by Monash University for Parkinson's patients (read more here).
The solution comprises the unique medical device called Reviver and the exercise program customised for every individual by our fully-qualified ESSA-certified Exercise Physiologists.


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