REVIVER is a new exercise therapy supporting people with Neuromuscular Conditions

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The Isodynamics REVIVER Devices

REVIVER was designed and created to naturally radiate strength and healing signals through the body's neural pathways, nervous systems and cells, whilst activating areas throughout the body that may have become dormant. 

There are three models:


  1. Adam supports the user as they utilise their own efforts to tilt, swivel and hold themselves in position,

  2. Eve has a built-in motor and straps to assist users with less strength, balance or mobility, and

  3. Berenice is a bed platform whereby users can get the been ebfeot of exercise as it tilts and encourages theet a level of benefit from exercise almost impossible to get from any other source.

All three REVIVER devices have been listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods as a Class 1 Medical Device.

REVIVER is now demonstrating incredible results in improving balance and mobility in all types of patients with all types of neuromuscular diseases and conditions who have difficulty moving, balancing, and exercising.


It allows people to exercise far beyond their unassisted capacity, including those who are so debilitated that they were no longer able to perform exercise.


The device has been under testing and development at a pilot clinic in Sydney, Australia. Outcomes at the pilot clinic have been extremely promising, with PD users experiencing a 22% (p<1x10-5; N=15, unpublished data) increase in mobility (reduction in timed up and go times; TUG) over an average period of 26 days.


Users also report improved balance, improved muscle tone, and capacity to return to desisted activities such as walking unassisted, climbing stairs and swimming. Numerous patients had lost the ability to walk unassisted but regained this ability after 2-10 weeks of training on this machine.


Although other therapies may feature elements of the above benefits, no device to our knowledge has all the of these attributes in a single machine. Furthermore, given the tiled motion of the head in this therapy, it may also have an effect on glymphatic fluid and CSF flow in the brain.



REVIVER works for a wide range of people, including those with disabilities, as well as elite athletes, by capturing and exercising all the muscles, throughout the body, with a single user-friendly motion.

It works by tilting the user at an angle in a slow radial motion.

The vestibular balancing system is strongly activated, to a degree not experienced in everyday life, or during other types of balance training exercises. This causes muscles involved to tension and relax in a consistent and uniform manner in the reflexes trying to maintain the body in an upright position.

This process (that is currently in clinical trials for Parkinson's disease with Monash University and the CSIRO) instigates an automatic reflex response in the brain to activate the muscles throughout the body, including those that have become dormant due to age, injury or disability.

This reflex activating REVIVER motion, fires the neural pathways and nervous system, throughout the body which has anecdotally and remarkably shown to improve strength, balance, mobility and wellbeing.