People present to our clinic with varying degrees of Chronic Pain depending on the cause which can often be undiagnosed due to the fact that such persistent pain is often less about the structural or tissue damage and more about the sensitivity of the nervous system and ‘non tissue related factors’. This can include pain in the hips, shoulders, legs, toes, and back.
While some outcomes may be considered more minor than others in context, the fact is that everyone is seeking a solution that helps ease or eliminate such pain to improve the quality of daily life. The new Isodynamics Reviver program has seen many patients achieve precisely this no mater how severe their symptoms when they first visit us. Read on to find out how it could work for you too. 
We all know that over time, people experiencing chronic pain become less able to do things that were previously enjoyed as well as daily requirements such as housework and getting in and out oft he car. Don't let this be you. 
Studies have shown that exercise can be an effective way to reverse the negative cycle associated with chronic pain and over time even eliminating it all together.
However, many people with Chronic Pain are unable to conduct even passive exercise. As such, they miss out on the often miraculous results of exercise and associated brain stimulation and neural improvement, which is a key reason why we invented the Isodynamic Reviver machines and program.
Isodynamics REVIVER

Isodynamics REVIVER can help

The unique REVIVER process enables people with all types of Chronic Pain to begin reaping the remarkable benefits of exercise and neural stimulation.
It does this by tilting you at a specific angle to gravity while moving in a slow, radial, wave-like motion designed to  activate all areas of your body and as such begin firing the neural pathways and nervous system in ways that traditional exercise may be unable to achieve. 
We see people achieve extremely tangible benefits including reduction in stiffness and pain plus even regained movement (pending the severity of your Quadriplegia) due to the non-impact whole body approach. 
Further to these physical benefits, we also see improved mood, focus, and clarity of thought that we believe comes from the firing of previously unused and blocked neural pathways to the cells throughout your body, and a general sense of well-being.
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People with Chronic Pain may benefit from the new Isodynamic REVIVER system because it enables almost any person (even those wheel chair bound for now) to reap the remarkable benefits of exercise and neurological stimulation quickly and easily while in an extremely effective, calm, and safe environment under the care of fully-qualified ESSA-certified Exercise Physiologists.

The Isodynamics REVIVER system does help people with Chronic Pain who have previously missed out on the remarkable benefits of exercise by providing a new resistance based approach to exercise on a choice of three machines (unassisted, assisted, and horizontal).
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