People present to our clinic with varying degrees of their Motor Neurone Disease (MND) journey including weakness of the muscles in the hands, feet or voice, slurred speech, fatigue, muscle wasting, weight loss, and respiratory changes. They and their loved ones seek a solution that at least alleviates these outcomes to help improve quality of life on a daily basis. The new Isodynamics Reviver program has seen many patients achieve precisely this no matter how severe their symptoms when they first visit us. Read on to find out how it could work for you too.
While there is currently no cure for MND, studies do suggest that exercise is largely beneficial in managing symptoms and importantly improved quality of life for the majority of neuromuscular diseases, including MND1.
Sufferers often present with fatigue due to the inability to activate large muscle groups. Exercise appears to reduce this inability by increasing the functioning of the neuromuscular system2. It seems that regular exercise can also help control pain due to muscle spasms3.
However, many people with MND are unable to conduct traditional exercise due to its impact, difficulty or time required. As such, they miss out on the often miraculous results of exercise and associated brain stimulation and neural improvement, which is a key reason why we invented the Isodynamic Reviver machines and program.

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Isodynamics REVIVER

Isodynamics REVIVER can help

The unique REVIVER process enables people with MND symptoms begin reaping the remarkable benefits of exercise and neural stimulation.
It does this by tilting you at a specific angle to gravity while moving in a slow, radial, wave-like motion designed to  activate all areas of your body and as such begin firing the neural pathways and nervous system in ways that traditional exercise may be unable to achieve. 
We see people achieve extremely tangible benefits including strengthening of the core leading to better mobility and confidence, reduction in stiffness and pain resulting in improved use and range of motion, and muscle strengthening due to the non-impact whole body workout as your muscles contract and automatically resist while gently moving in a circular pivoted motion. 
Further to these physical benefits, we also see improved mood, focus, and clarity of thought that we believe comes from the firing of previously unused and blocked neural pathways to the muscles and cells throughout your body, and a general sense of well-being and control.
These benefits seem to be especially common in those that have a poor tolerance to exercise (in that they fatigue easily or it causes pain and discomfort), or are quite restricted in their movement or wheelchair bound when they arrive to our clinic for the first time. 
Eve Reviver Machine-1


People with MND may benefit from the new Isodynamic REVIVER system because it enables almost any person (even those wheel chair bound for now) to reap the remarkable benefits of exercise and neurological stimulation quickly and easily while in an extremely effective, calm, and safe environment under the care of fully-qualified ESSA-certified Exercise Physiologists.

The Isodynamics REVIVER system does help people with MND who have previously missed out on the remarkable benefits of exercise by providing a new resistance based approach to exercise on a choice of three machines (unassisted, assisted, and horizontal).
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Isodynamic Reviver Machines

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