People with Multiple Sclerosis present to our clinic with varying degrees of the condition from small weakness in a limb through to an inability to walk unaided. 
Our anecdotal evidence shows that patients with Multiple Sclerosis using REVIVER improve their strength, balance, mobility and even mood as they regain levels of independence.
People strengthen their core leading to better mobility and confidence, reduce stiffness and pain resulting in better range of motion, and enjoy a non-impact whole-body workout as their muscles contract and automatically resist while gently moving in a circular pivoted motion. 
While we cannot make any guarantees, we would encourage you to watch the video below to see the progress real people with Multiple Sclerosis have achieved for themselves with REVIVER, and call us to talk to our team about your specific situation.

REVIVER helps patients with conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis by tilting them at a specific angle to gravity and moving them in a slow, radial, wave-like motion. This is designed to activate all areas of their body and begin firing the neural pathways and nervous system in ways that traditional exercise may be unable to achieve. 
Geoffery with Eve-Final



According to MS Australia, there is scientific evidence proving that exercise is associated with meaningful outcomes from a cellular level to general quality of life. This includes better brain health, cognitive processing, and increased mobility and cardiovascular health. They state that exercise also includes reduced fatigue, depression, anxiety, and pain.
However, many people with MS are unable to conduct traditional exercise due to its impact or time required. They miss out on the often miraculous results and associated brain stimulation and neural improvement.
This is a key reason why we invented the Isodynamic Reviver machines and program.
Isodynamics REVIVER helps anyone because it has no impact, is efficient, and delivered using any one of the three machines (unassisted, assisted, and horizontal) to suit your existing capability. 
Now people with Multiple Sclerosis can benefit from the remarkable benefits of exercise and neurological stimulation quickly and easily while in an effective, calm, and safe environment under the care of fully-qualified ESSA-certified Exercise Physiologists.
Three REVIVER Devices

Our Patient Successes

REVIVER can help people living with Multiple Sclerosis to improve their mobility, strength and steadiness again. 


Joe used to jog a lot on Manly beach until he was diagnosed with MS in 2011. He knows how important  exercise his for everyone, especially people with MS.
He tried the Isodynamic Reviver to enjoy a full body workout which he says he had missed out on for about 5 years until he arrived at our clinic. Just one session on the Reviver to start with gave him that workout from the core out that he now says has changed everything for him.
We are so proud of Joe and the way he maintains his flexibility and sense of self and strength from just small bursts of time on the Reviver with our Exercise Physiologists.

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