Exercise has been shown to help ease Parkinson’s symptoms. The Isodynamics Reviver machine is designed to stimulate the vestibular system, the sensory system that provides a sense of balance and information about body position.

The Reviver works by placing the user at a tilted angle and rotating them in a slow and radial, wave-like motion. The reaction to being tilted off-balance can induce a brain response that activates muscles across the body, including those that may be dormant as a result of age, infrequent use, damage, or disability. Specifically, it activates nerve pathways that then aid in balance, enhance muscle strength, and help resist the effects of gravity.

Early evidence suggests the REVIVER can improve mobility and lessen Parkinson’s symptoms, with patients demonstrating a 22% increase in mobility; namely, quicker “up and go” test times over an average of 26 days. This test measures the time it takes for a person to rise from a chair, walk three meters (about 10 feet), turn around and return, then sit down again.
Geoffery with Eve-Final


A trial in Australia will test REVIVER to understand whether it can improve balance, mobility and sensory-motor coordination in people with moderate to advanced Parkinson's disease and atypical parkinsonism.
Terry O’Brien, a neurologist at Monash University andBen Sinclair, a brain imaging expert at Monash and with Alfred Health, are running a 12-week trial using the Reviver machine to improve balance, mobility, and sensory-motor coordination.
There will be 30 patients with moderate to advanced Parkinson’s disease or atypical parkinsonism. People with atypical disease have some evident Parkinson’s symptoms, like muscle stiffness or balance issues, but who do not respond well to standard medications. Their symptoms are caused by other disorders.

Enrolled patients will be split into two groups, based on their diagnoses. One group will undertake the Reviver exercise regime on top of their standard of care, and the second (a control group) will continue with standard of care without using the Reviver.

Those interested in participating or receiving more information about the trial can call Isodynamics at 02-9524-2188 (in Australia, country code +61) or email the company.
Monash University
People with Parkinson's present to our clinic with varying degrees of condition including poor balance, tremors, trouble walking, pain, stiffness, limited motion, muscle weakness and fatigue.
The anecdotal evidence derived from watching the progress our patients make when using REVIVER demonstrates our ability to help people with Parkinson's improve their strength, balance, mobility and even mood as they regain some independence.
While we cannot make any guarantees, we would encourage you to watch the videos below to see the progress real people with Parkinson' have achieved for themselves with REVIVER.

REVIVER does this by tilting you at a specific angle to gravity while moving in a slow, radial, wave-like motion designed to  activate all areas of your body and therefore begin firing the neural pathways and nervous system in ways that traditional exercise may be unable to achieve. 
These benefits seem to be especially common in those with a poor health diagnosis, have poor tolerance to exercise (in that they fatigue easily or it causes pain and discomfort), or are quite restricted in their movement or wheelchair bound when they arrive to our clinic for the first time. 
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Exercise has been shown to improve many symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. 
However, many people with PD are unable to do typical exercise due to its impact or time required. This means they miss out on the often miraculous results exercise can deliver.
That's why we have three machines to enable almost any person to reap the remarkable benefits of exercise and neurological stimulation quickly and easily while in an extremely effective, calm, and safe environment under the care of fully-qualified ESSA-certified Exercise Physiologists.
Three REVIVER Devices

Our Patient Successes

REVIVER can help people living with Parkinson's to improve their strength, balance and mobility again. 


Watch as Trevor Moore shows you how in 9-12 minutes a session for 3-4 weeks he regained his strength, mobility, and speech.
He can now get in and out of the car on his own and even walk backwards with absolute confidence having been only able to shuffle and often nearly fall when he first came in to see us. We are so proud of Trevor's rapid improvement and look forward to seeing even further reversal of his symptoms over the coming months. 
Rosemary and Mario have been married for 47 years and they cannot believe the progress Mario has made in just 2-3 months with Isodynamics REVIVER.
His PD started with an altered gate in Mario's walk and progressed to where he could not walk backwards with ant confidence at all. He also began to stop enjoying many of his daily activities. 
After just 2-3 months with REVIVER he is now standing up straighter and prouder, can walk backwards again, and is even back doing the gardening he loves so much. Rosemary likes the fact there is no strain on Mario's body and Mario even calls the process "invigorating". We love seeing them both find more joy in their lives with REVIVER. 
Diagnosed with Parkinson's nearly two years ago, our patient here feels that actually he has had it for probably 7 years. 
He has been using the REVIVER program for about the past 6 months at 15 minutes per session (against what he feels would take 1 hour in a gym).
In this time, he feels he has gained 'tremendously' in core strength and balance, and would recommend it to anyone with Parkinson's. We enjoy knowing that we are changing lives for he better in such an enduring and sustainable way. Please contact us if you have Parkinson's and would like to see the clinic and the program. 

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