People present to our clinic with varying degrees of Quadriplegia depending on what part of the cervical spine has been injured. While some outcomes may be considered more minor than others in context, the fact is that everyone is seeking a solution that helps reverse the serious outcomes of quadriplegia and improve quality of life on a daily basis. The new Isodynamics Reviver program has seen many patients achieve precisely this no mater how severe their symptoms when they first visit us. Read on to find out how it could work for you too. 
Quadriplegia is paralysis caused by illness or injury that results in the partial or total loss of use of all four limbs and torso. Paraplegia is similar but does not affect the arms. Health conditions often related to this issue include Cerebral Palsy and Spinal Cord Injury (SPI). 
One of the important goals of rehabilitation is to reverse the debilitative cycle of reduced physical capacity that leads to reduced activity and functioning. Studies suggest that muscle strength gains can been due to two different mechanisms including the improved capacity to recruit motor units (neural adaptation) and morphological changes within the contractile tissue inducing muscle fibre hypertrophy.
Both complete and partial Quadriplegia patients can benefit from exercise including better blood flow, strength, core, flexibility, and reduced pain.
However, many people with Quadriplegia are unable to conduct even passive exercise. As such, they miss out on the often miraculous results of exercise and associated brain stimulation and neural improvement, which is a key reason why we invented the Isodynamic Reviver machines and program.
Isodynamics REVIVER

Isodynamics REVIVER can help

The unique REVIVER process enables people with all types of Quadriplegia to begin reaping the remarkable benefits of exercise and neural stimulation.
It does this by tilting you at a specific angle to gravity while moving in a slow, radial, wave-like motion designed to  activate all areas of your body and as such begin firing the neural pathways and nervous system in ways that traditional exercise may be unable to achieve. 
We see people achieve extremely tangible benefits including reduction in stiffness and pain plus even regained movement (pending the severity of your Quadriplegia) due to the non-impact whole body approach. 
Further to these physical benefits, we also see improved mood, focus, and clarity of thought that we believe comes from the firing of previously unused and blocked neural pathways to the cells throughout your body, and a general sense of well-being.
Geoffery with Eve-Final


People with Quadriplegia outcomes may benefit from the new Isodynamic REVIVER system because it enables almost any person (even those wheel chair bound for now) to reap the remarkable benefits of exercise and neurological stimulation quickly and easily while in an extremely effective, calm, and safe environment under the care of fully-qualified ESSA-certified Exercise Physiologists.

The Isodynamics REVIVER system does help people with Quadriplegia who have previously missed out on the remarkable benefits of exercise by providing a new resistance based approach to exercise on a choice of three machines (unassisted, assisted, and horizontal).
Three REVIVER Devices

Our Patient Successes

REVIVER can help people living with symptoms of incomplete Quadriplegia to find their mobility, strength and steadiness again. 


See John explain how as an incomplete quadriplegic (C5/C6) he can now load weight through how right hand side and walk while looking aruund after just 6 months using  the Reviver system.
He says he uses 'Adam" (which is the manual version of the Reviver device) and notes that this very session of 4 minutes helped switch on his right leg and it "feels brilliant". 
We are so proud that John's commitment to his well-being is paying dividends so quickly thanks to his will power and the Isodynamics Reviver system. 

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