Our vision is to help people across the world with neuromuscular diseases and conditions to improve their way of life by reducing their painful and restrictive symptoms while improving their strength, mobility, and confidence to enjoy their life on a daily basis as much as possible.
We will achieve this by delivering the Isodynamic reviver program to as man people as possible through our own clinics, private and public hospitals, and other medical centres and health providers. 
We will also work to change perception about how Reviver works and the links between gentle Isodynamic exercise that resists the force of gravity and the neurology to activate previously dormant muscles - and open the neural pathways that enable your body to begin to heal itself. 
It is important that the Isodynamic Reviver program (both device and services) are take to the worldwide audience as it is showing significance evidence of efficacy around: 
  • Making muscle strengthening possible in impaired participants who would otherwise have difficulty doing resistance training.
  • Recruiting reflex actions which may be preserved where voluntary action has been lost
  • Acting in contrast to the other types of assisted exercise by training a large proportion of the body's muscles in a singe motion
  • Providing neural stimulation via the periodic displacement of vestibular fluids, possibly stimulating neuroplasticity beyond that provided by exercise alone
  • Creating balance at the same time as strength.
It has also been said that although other treatments may feature elements of the above benefits, no device is known to have all these attributes in a single machine and system.
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