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Isodynamics REVIVER Clinic
Patient Testimonials

Peter J Daniels talking about his experience with REVIVER and the effects it has had on his Parkinson's Impairment. 

PARKINSONS: Alicia’s mum, Chrissy, has Parkinson’s disease. After hearing about REVIVER, she boarded a plane from her home in London and flew to Sydney to ensure her mother received the unique REVIVER therapy. Alicia talks of the remarkable changes she has observed in her mother.

STROKE: Tara suffered from a stroke at a young age. The video shows her surprise and emotional response to the outcome of just one session on REVIVER. Helping this beautiful young woman feel her arm and find her feet again to some degree is a great example of why we all believe in the power of exercise on REVIVER. 

AGE: Bill has been attending the clinic since July 2020 and turned 96 years young in that October. Being visually impaired, REVIVER therapy has helped Bill boost his confidence in walking by improving his balance and general mobility.

PARKINSON'S: Darrel, a Parkinson's patient and veteran, has been attending Isodynamics for five weeks and can now walk confidently without his walker! 

PARKINSON'S: Watch Angela on the left video as she starts her first half-hour therapy. The video on the right was filmed at the start of her 6th half-hour treatment. Look at the progress. She continues to further improve in terms of strength, balance and mobility.

PARKINSON'S: Len has made good progress with the help of the REVIVER machines! REVIVER allowed Len to unlock the benefits of full-body exercise that would be impossible for him to do any other way. 

PAIN: Lorene has had leukaemia debilitating her body with pain and lack of strength from a young age. This is the result after just 4 sessions on REVIVER. 

PARKINSON'S: This is John in 2018. He's even stronger and more agile now in 2021. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease a couple of years prior. He continues to visit the REVIVER clinic a couple of times a week to maintain his ability. 

SHOULDER PAIN: Karen suffered shoulder pain for 8 long years from 2009 - 2017. This is her 2nd 6-minute session on REVIVER. The results are amazing and Karen was able to unlock the benefit of full-body exercise like never before with REVIVER. 

PARKINSON'S: Terry explains some of the functions his been able to get back in approximately 3 to 4 hours of using REVIVER - including his ability and improvements to balance, talk, and walk backwards. Terry has been able to unlock the benefit of full-body exercise with REVIVER for amazing results.

ARTHRITIS: Watch Jackie as she describes how her arthritic hand pain disappeared after her 2nd eight-minute session on REVIVER. 

Two mums talk about the Isodynamics REVIVER clinic and the improvement in their children’s disabilities.

Nicole's first session with Isodynamics REVIVER,

a treatment finally relieving her from Cerebral Palsy. 

Here is an insight to Nicole's current progress, and how the REVIVER has improved her physical and mental wellbeing. Nicole notices that she is restoring both control and strength in her ability to move, once again for the first time in many years.

Nicole demonstrates her newfound stability after her session with the REVIVER. She provides her views on how she has improved overall after just a few sessions.

POST-OP PAIN: 67-year old Geoffrey had suffered from knee pain for a full two years post an operation. That's two years he will never get back. Take a look after his first 6-minutes on REVIVER in his first visit.

PARKINSON'S: Kevin came from New Zealand for 4 days of REVIVER therapy. On the left is his first day of 1-hour sessions. On the right is his fourth day of 1-hour treatments. Check the difference - in a few days - thanks to unlocking the benefits of full-body exercise with REVIVER. 

BACK PAIN: Pat was finding it increasingly painful to walk with her back pain. Listen to how just one session on the REVIVER helped Pat move again without pain. 

BRAIN HYPOXIA: Ben’s mother, Anne talk about Ben’s progress with memory, balance, and his new ability to walk up and down the stairs after only 6x 30-minute sessions on REVIVER.

Sally has not been able to walk without assistance for 2 years, due to her Cerebral Palsy. Look her now, what a good result.

This is Sally walking for the first time in 2 years! She has the stamina, strength and control just as her younger self.

Mark elaborates on his astonishment, after using the REVIVER to relieve his Stroke symptoms. He rediscovers his ability to control his right arm, while in mid-session of his REVIVER treatment.  

HEALTH & FITNESS: Former professional rugby league great and coach to the victorious Canterbury Bulldogs, Melbourne Storm, and Australian Kangaroo's in the World Cup, Chris Anderson is 'filthy' we didn't get the REVIVER to him sooner. He notes it's the easy way to stay fit and strong. 

PARKINSON'S: Terry was asked to describe his condition. When he said he had lost his balance, ability to walk backwards, and other functions due to his Parkinson's Disease. He was then asked if he could demonstrate how he could not walk backwards. From his chair he stood up and to his surprise he started to walk backwards. This is what Terry had to say about his experience.

Geoffrey's Testimonial

At 60, I was overweight with a number of health issues such as gout and joint pain, which limited my ability to be active and exercise. I use the manual ADAM REVIVER at home, once or twice a week for around 6 mins at a time.​

Now at the age of 63, I am doing a lot of the things that I used to do at a much younger age, such as boxing and sprinting. REVIVER is proving that balance is a fundamental foundation of exercise and its use provides benefits that go well beyond current methods of exercise, in activating areas of the body that may have become dormant.

Sprinting at 63 years old

Sprinting at 63 years old

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"I believe the benefit of REVIVER is its ability to naturally produce strength and healing signals that consistently and uniformly radiate throughout the body - producing remarkable results for health and wellbeing." 

Geoffrey Redmond

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