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REVIVER is a new exercise therapy supporting people with Neuromuscular Conditions

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These partners will support our growth strategy and global vision to make REVIVER affordable and accessible to clinicians, medical practitioners, hospitals and private homes globally.

REVIVER has demonstrated well beyond standard exercise therapies its unique ability to safely and efficiently renew strength, balance, cognisance and confidence in those with a neuromuscular condition such as Parkinson's Disease or similar  (see list of conditions here).

  • Isodynamics is a private company in Sydney Australia.

  • REVIVER is a patented exercise assistance device invented by Geoffrey Redmond and now approved by the Australian Government's Department of Health, Therapeutic Goods Administration, as a Medical Device.

  • REVIVER is also approved as a program under the publicly funded Australian Medicare program and the National Disability Insurance Support program, demonstrating its clinical validity and success.

  • Furthermore, REVIVER has delivered outstanding results for patients in our own Sydney-based pilot clinic over the past four years.

  • REVIVER is also being researched under clinical trials by Monash University where positive outcomes for people with Parkinson's Disease have already been formally demonstrated.  

REVIVER is a unique therapy giving people back much of their lives.


ADAM is the manual version of EVE for those with improved physical capability, working through injury rehab, looking for improved mental performance, or athletes seeking a fast and efficient full-body workout.



EVE is the motor-assisted model using unique patented technology and exercise therapy to safely move clients with restricted mobility and strength in ways that help revive the connection between brain and muscle for improved movement.


With this clinical success, we're now in the early stages of mass production with two significant manufacturing partners, ​Asteelflash and Future Electronics. We expect our global supply chain to be operating early 2022 and now seek distributors across the world.

You will ideally:

  • be a strategic distribution participant in the medical and wellness sector within your country

  • have an existing channel to market in place

  • comprise a sales, marketing, and support organisation

  • work with a focus on customer support

  • have a culture with corporate DNA based on honesty, loyalty and genuine interest in your customers' success

  • have a genuine desire to help people with neuromuscular disease or other similarly debilitating conditions to regain their strength, mobility and confidence for a better way of life.

If this is you and the organisation you represent, then we'd like to understand your company background, operations, regional presence and approach to sales, marketing and customer support.


Call our head office in Sydney on +612 9524 2188 or ideally complete the enquiry form below and we'll get in touch to discuss the opportunity. All information is strictly confidential. 


BERENICE is a version of EVE with a vibrating bed to safely tilt and swivel even the most restricted of patients. This recruits the reflex actions where voluntary action has been lost, to help strengthen the muscles and balance in patients who would otherwise have difficulty doing exercise any other way.

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