The REVIVER inputs a strong, targeted and novel stimulus simultaneously to the user being engaged in some task, which is a hallmark of a number of more high-tech neuromodulation strategies.
This combination is thought to optimally stimulate neuroplasticity and strengthen the users’ natural neural systems, which could explain the rapid improvements in walking and posture in some users.

Thus far, users of the Isodynamics Reviver exercise device have reported a myriad of benefits as an exercise device and a therapeutic tool.

Regular use also produces visually evident increases in muscle tone, and some users report improvements in memory and reduction in pain symptoms from pre-existing ailments.
Objective measurements and follow ups will be needed to validate its efficacy and determine in which conditions it is most effective. These trials are currently in motion.
At this point we can say with very little speculation that the Reviver device is particularly adept as a tool for elderly users with reduced function, as the device assists them to perform motions beyond their current physical capabilities, and activates muscles which are rarely used in day to day activities and are thus subject to atrophy.
Rapid improvements in some users are best explained in terms of neurological, rather than muscular phenomena. The closest precedent in the scientific literature is the emerging field of neuromodulation.

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