Isodynamics Reviver first and foremost helps people with neuromuscular disease and conditions reverse many of their debilitating symptoms and outcomes. 

The Isodynamic Reviver program helps people with all types of neuromuscular diseases and conditions to regain mobility, flexibility, strength and confidence while reducing pain, stiffness and fear. And it's all done without the time, pain and impact required of traditional exercise therapies that only tend to work on your muscles - and not your nervous system nor neurological pathways. 

Isodynamics helps seniors reduce any chronic pain while improving mobility, energy, strength, and motivation.

Seniors can often find that pain in certain areas of the body including hip, legs, back, shoulder, toes, and feet can greatly prevent them from doing the normal activities they love and that keep them strong, social and full of life.

The Isodynamics REVIVER program will help eliminate this pain and get you back into the life you want full of fun, interaction and activity to stay younger longer - and enjoy your life to the full. Don't let anyone tell it's time to just stop and get old.

The lady in the video here is 92 years old and now back into her old life and dancing.

Everyone receives an initial customised program from one of our fully-qualified ESSA-certified Exercise Physiologists. 

No matter what your condition or capability, everyone receives a full customised program to ensure the REVIVER experience is gentle, appropriate and effective in achieving your desired outcomes.

It is important that you have a program by which to measure your progress and that is enjoyable to ensure you make the most of the opportunity to reverse so many of the symptoms and outcomes of your neuromuscular disease or condition.

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